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Safe, fun, healthy learning tours for students and teachers in Cuba.
Safe, fun, healthy learning tours for students and teachers in Cuba.
Talk to real Cubans about your island travel plans.

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Our project is approved by the Cuban Ministries of Tourism and Higher Education.

Fifteenth anniversary year of Cuba Explorer Tours providing authentic Cuba travel 1997-2014.
Cuba Explorer Tours makes short term academic island travel easy.

We've sent thousands of teachers and students to Cuba on study abroad tours since 1997. We specialize in arts, culture, history and nature programs. Our focus is people-to-people travel that connects students and teachers to their island peers.

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Our project's mandate is fair trade travel to build ties of learning, friendship and understanding between Cubans and North Americans. We prepare itineraries rich in academic and social content.

In Cuba, our project is sponsored by the Office of the Historian of Havana, and has the support of government ministries, schools, NGOs, and community and religious organizations.

Our Cuban staff and guides are worldly experts who love their country and know its history, culture and society inside out. Sensitive to the needs of North Americans, they ensure your Cuba trip is safe and rewarding.

Our Cuban, American and Canadian team is here to help you witness the island on experiential learning tours tailored to your curriculum requirements.

Cuba Explorer Tours is ready to develop a study trip for your faculty and students. Ask us for a custom itinerary proposal and budget. We’ll present it to you within three days.
Cuban teachers with their students in the Artemisa province.
Cuban teachers and their students in Artemisa province. Photo Henk van der Leeden.

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All Cuba Explorer Tours include official Cuban medical insurance coverage.

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Teacher programs :: Cuba Education and Culture Tours highlights
Group welcome dinner with your guide and tourmates to get to know one another, and farewell trip dinner to cement friendships and relish trip memories.
Tour and dine at the largest urban organic collective farm in Havana, employing 600 people and producing millions of pounds of vegetables, fruits and herbs.
Visit Convento Belén, an ecumenical community project providing local people with healthcare, meals, vocational training and volunteer opportunities.
Witness the largest collection of colonial-era architecture in the Americas and learn about restoration and preservation efforts.
Visit the urban primary school Angela Landa serving children from Old Havana.
Private guided walking tour of the main historical sites of Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Institute for Superior Arts (ISA) from which the island's best music, dance, design, and visual arts talents emerge.
Las Terrazas eco-community in the Sierra del Rosario mountain range west of Havana in the new province of Artemisa.
Dine at delicious restaurants serving authentic Cuban cuisine and international dishes, and imbibe in pulsating Latin entertainment, music and dance.
Escuela Taller [Workshop School] trains local youth historical restoration arts and sciences. You'll meet its teachers and students.
Attend a rumba performance at the Callejón de Hamel that sports hundreds of Afrocuban inspired murals.
Guided coach tours spanning old to new Havana, and environs.
Live music and dance lessons with the Afrocuban Grupo Dulce María.
Explore the Afrocuban community of Regla. Its rich African influenced traditions span centuries.
Visit a scale model of Old Havana used for social development and planning.
Excursion to Viñales Valley in the province of Pinar del Río where we'll explore caves, nature, art and a tobacco plantation.
Dine with famed ceramist José Fúster at his whimsical Havana studio spanning several city blocks.
Visit a community run school for K-8 students in the Cayo Hueso neighborhood of Central Havana.
Attend a regal cannon firing ceremony dating from 1519 at one of the best-preserved Spanish colonial fortification in the Americas.
Visit the house and farm of literary titan Ernest Hemingway, today a museum exhibiting his untouched library, manuscripts and personal effects.
Museum of Literacy tour led by curator Luisa Campos.
Tour the House of Africa display sub-Saharan arts and crafts and objects from Cuba's rich African influences.
Click here for a schedule of all tours of interest to teachers and educators.

WE HELP American teachers travel legally. Discover how you can go to Cuba now.

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Students in Cuba video.
Students in Cuba video.
Watch this Cuba school tour video featuring music, dance, culture and nature. It's a wonderful planning and promotion resource. A DVD version is yours for asking.
Teacher tour leaders travel free.
Student programs :: Cuba study abroad tours with 8, 10 and 15-day options
CHECK OUT these sample Cuba tours. They'll serve as a useful starting point for planning your school tour.

Arts and Culture
Music and Dance
Nature and Volunteerism
Cuba for Catholic schools
Hola! I am Leonardo Hechavarría. I coordinate Cuba Explorer Tours for teachers and students. I'm here to help you go to Cuba. I grew up there and love my country. I guarantee your study abroad program to my homeland will be perfect. I've helped thousands of people from 18 nations interact with my people since 1992.
Safe educational tours to Cuba for students and their teachers.
Safe educational tours to Cuba for students and their teachers.

Logo of United Nations Development Program (UNDP). See how Cuba ranks amongst its neighbors on the United Nations Human Development Index.
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Make new friends, learn some Spanish and all about Cuban culture.
While in Cuba, North American students make new friends, practice Spanish, and learn all about island culture. They return home motivated to redouble academic and civic commitments.
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Your activities in Cuba video.
Your activities in Cuba video.
WATCH THIS six-minute video "Auténtica Cuba," featuring activities you'll savor on tour Cuba Education and Explorer Tour.
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Cuba highlights :: Education, social justice, and teacher and youth issues
Cuban school girl. Education rules in Cuba! Young people are considered the island's greatest asset. Teachers are considered guardians of the future, rather than burdens upon the public purse. Healthcare and education get the bulk of the federal budget.
Cuban students score tops academically in Latin America at all levels
Emphasis on sports and fitness
No McDonald's or Burger Kings. Most food is raised locally and organically
Sex education at all grade levels, including appreciation for all expressions of loving sexuality
Low teen birth rate. Abortion on demand
Bullying is combated
Preventative healthcare taught
Foreign languages required
Race and color are celebrated
Gender parity is the norm. Female leadership promoted
Students aspire to academic excellence
Hyperactive kids given supervised focused assignments and tasks instead of pharmaceutical maintenance
Graduation rate at grade twelve: 97.5%
Abundance of music, dance and arts curriculum.
Youth are cherished and elders revered
Cuba is a narcotics free nation
Youth vote at 16 years, the age of majority, except for military at 18
History and geography are elevated, together with math and science
Healthcare is free and accessible
Education is free through university, for adult students too
Ecological and environmental awareness integrated into courses
High civic engagement by youth
Low student to teacher classroom ratios
Strong teacher unions that determine curriculum, planning and budgets
Parents volunteer to maintain school facilities
Preschool spots available for all
No school closures. Some rural schools only have two students
Youth literacy rate: 99.3%, the 0.07% deficit on account of disabilities
Meals provided free at schools
All books and supplies at no cost
Youth volunteerism expected
Special needs kids get full-time one-on-one attention
No precedent for weapon assaults and mass murders at schools
Low delinquency and youth incarceration rate. Community plays role in rehabilitation
Teachers intervene when domestic violence, resignation or depression is apparent
Standardized testing used as a planning benchmark, not as a threat, or to thwart teacher creativity
Individual educator innovation is publically acclaimed
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